Doing Business in Mauritius
Mauritius has one of the most successful and competitive economies in Africa. The Government embarked on a bold economic reform program aimed at moving Mauritius from reliance on trade preferences to global competitiveness. The reform strategies were designed not only to remedy fiscal weaknesses but also to open up the economy, facilitate business, improve the investment climate, and mobilize foreign direct investment and expertise. The reforms and the opening up of the economy have already started to positively impact the economy.

The business climate is friendly yet extremely competitive. The World Bank 2009 Doing Business Survey ranks Mauritius 1st in Africa and 17th in the world for ease of doing business following reforms undertaken following the Business Facilitation (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2006 . The government's objective is for Mauritius to rank among the top 10 most investment and business friendly locations in the world. A major milestone to move Mauritius in the top 10 in the World Bank Doing Business Survey is the streamlining and simplification of processes for all regulated activities.

The Government is currently reviewing all regulated business activities with a view to streamlining and simplifying business licensing processes in order to eliminate bottlenecks and to implement process based licensing systems.

The Board of Investment has been instrumental in attracting a high level of investment in emerging sectors, in promoting the concept of the New Mauritius and the openness of its economy and in implementing Government policy on investments and business facilitation reforms. The Business Facilitation Act 2006 has set the stage for robust economic growth, it was a key milestone to open up the Mauritian economy and to make it globally competitive.